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Ugly duckling, ugly duckling, is this as they say? Surely you’re better, than crying and running away? Deep into the Wood you’ve ran, now aren’t you in a blunder. Be brave and stand mighty, tarry not, or lay asunder! An adventure you’ll go on, oh the tales you will tell! Hop! Jump, and Chirp! For all will be well! Are you ready for such deeds? Can you find your way home? Hurry little duckling, or forever be alone…------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You play as Chirp, a lost bird who was made fun of for being ugly, or different. Along your adventure, you'll encounter many challenges. But also other animals, that will be willing to help you out. Will you eventually find where you belong?

Game Graphics Physics

From watching your video, here's what I see... When landing on enemies, there's no upward force for a bounce, you just fall right through them! Also, the platforms you jump on, they blend in with the background. But the colors are superb! I'd recommend focusing on the controls most of all. Since the player will be looking at the main character almost the entire game, focus on that. Make the animations clean, and the controls tight. Best of luck!

2 years ago

Mr Shaigai