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Aldarix the Battlemage

You are the Battlemage, master of spell-based combat! Once again, the kingdom is in peril. It is up to you to defend it.  Aldarix the Battlemage is a casual "puzzle roguelike". Key features include: Turn-based combat, based on spells and positioning. Story mode. Survival mode with randomized levels and permadeath for hardcore players. Spells are balanced so that the right spell must be chosen for each situation. Correctly used they can have devastating effect! The game is currently under development, and I am looking for feedback on the tutorial and what the experience is for new players.Anything confusing or weird? Is it too hard or too easy? 

Game Graphics Mechanics

Nice execution of a simple game mechanism! I like the stylish graphics.

First couple of levels are easy. Maybe too easy. I start to get bored and wonder when something interesting will happen. Then, triangles! Nice with some change. Still a bit easy and not enough variation. Then, once the size of the level goes over what I can comfortably fit in my short term memory, I miss for the first time. The game seems to be forgiving for occasional mistakes, which is nice. I get the feeling that the game will progress by presenting me with longer and longer paths. I'm not too thrilled about that.

Memory as a core game mechanism might just not be my cup of tea.

Consider adding more dynamic elements. Maybe levels with multiple paths, where some get blocked after you started, trampolines or teleporters, or paths that shift as you walk like conveyor belts.

3 years ago

Thanks! Those are good points! I will try to make the game more PC-friendly :-)

2 years ago

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