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I didn't get a chance to try out the game since for whatever reason my phone decided the play store wasn't gonna work right now but from the trailer I'd say that I really like the mechanics of the game, but there's like 3 visual styles going on. There's the pixel art counter, then vector sprites, and then the buttons and lasers which are kinda a realistic style.. I feel like it would be really useful to figure out what kind of style you wanna go for in your next game or in an update and make sure everything looks like it belongs and fits together nicely :D

4 years ago

It would be great if you had a trailer and I'd love to try the game! From reading the description and the screenshots it actually looks really fun. The only problem is that the download doesn't work :( when I tried to sign up to be a tester and then was told to download the game, the link threw up a 404... just a heads up about that :) I'll play it once I can and I'll give you more feedback then xD

4 years ago

oh cool, sorry for not responding before, I'll check out the new version in a sec

4 years ago

You have a link to it?

3 years ago

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