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A fun game and a lot more rounds and puzzle types to keep you entertained than I expected when I downloaded it. It's also a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. My main criticisms would be that the graphics look pretty amateurish and this would probably put me off downloading it if I came across the game on Google Play and didn't have much more to go on than the screenshots and that the user interface is a bit clunky and feels annoyingly slow and unresponsive at times. Overall, a good effort that could do with a little more polish.

4 years ago

Having played it again, I guess what I meant about the game feeling unresponsive was largely due to the unskippable animations that interrupted the flow of the game a bit for me. For example, when you open the 'X marks the spot' map, you have to wait for the map to (quite slowly) spin onto the screen, then it takes while for the x graphics to appear on the map, then you click an x and you have to wait for a couple of seconds while it flashes, then you have to wait again for the the prize to spin into view and so on. I'm probably just impatient, but I found myself tapping the screen quite a lot when I was playing, wanting to get on with it and nothing would happen until the animation was finished. As another example, I was in the shop and hit exit and for some reason it took about 5 seconds to go back to the main screen. I just think everything could do with speeding up a bit.

4 years ago

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