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Zeran's Folly

Action-adventure with characters and stuff. Zeran's Folly was released on October 6, 2017.Steam: version:


I can see what you're saying--the game is early in development and there isn't much there yet. I know this sounds wishy-washy but a big part of the game will be the characters and dark humor of the story. It looks like a straight-up level-by-level platformer right now but when it's done it'll be more like Zelda in that it will have dungeons connected by a big world.

It's good to hear that the gameplay looks at least adequate so far, though.

8 years ago

Yeah, the gameplay is definitely going for a Sonic/metroidvania mashup sort of deal, although the latter isn't really apparent yet.

8 years ago

Thanks for the honest feedback.

8 years ago

The game's been out for two months, pal.

Free version:

6 years ago

Zeran's Folly