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Kill your friends and fill your cart in this local multiplayer party game!   Featuring three stages, three ways to play, full gamepad support, and up to four players, you're going to have to tell your family to come back another day; You'll be busy ramming your friends over and over and over again!   Features:   Two to four player action, with up to three players on one keyboard! Full gamepad (XInput) support! Adjustable game rules (score/time, item count, level selection)! Three stages to fight on! Cart-throwing action!

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I've definitely seen this style of game before, but the core loop maintains it's addictive nature. I played for much longer than anticipated. I would've liked to see how many boosts I had left at any given time, and I think that some background elements near the runway would make it feel better (not so much watching a number on an unmoving screen), but overall this was a fun game and it managed to hold my attention for something like forty minutes during a busy day. Nice job.

2 years ago

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