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The Goddess of Light - Chapter 1 : Into the Dark

Download here Isabella, the daughter of Zeus just learnt that she was the goddess of light.As her powers came to her so did her father's old nemesis', The dark lord.Who was imprisoned in the pits of Tartarus for eternity by Zeus was finally free.And preparing to wage war against the gods that are now old and weak.Young Isabella must stop him before he is out.Help her get to the bottom of these dark pits as the demonic skull of the underworld follow her in this new endless runner.Enjoy the power-ups on the way down as various Gods and Spirits help Isabella out briefly.Good Luck!May the Light be with YOU.

Level Design

tbh, i needs to be a little more difficult
its super easy even for my first game
you need more obstacles

2 months ago

we all love rooting for the underdogs, and hate the leader

2 months ago

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