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Adventure Platformer

A adventure platformer. Explore the massive map, collecting as many gems as you can find! For an extra challenge, use the timer to try to get the fastest time!   WASD to move Space to dash

Mechanics UI Graphics

Pretty good game! The UI isn't that great. Here are my suggestions to improve:
1. Fix the level over UI. The text overlaps the buttons
2. Cooldown indicator for sword attack

Great game though!

10 months ago
Controls Game Graphics

More instructions would be nice, as would better graphics

10 months ago
Level Design Physics

Not bad for a prototype! Your game can be improved in the following ways:
- Ramping: the difficulty seems to stay constant for the entire game
- Jumps: Jumps seems too floaty and you can clip into the ground
- Animations: The player seems to be shaking his leg?
- Death: Don't use an alert
- Bugs: Spamming keys causes player to return to ground quicker than normal

10 months ago