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Farmin's Castle Siege

Farmin's Castle Siege is a logic/strategy game by Mlock Games.In this game, you are trying to move your knight (Balda) through a castle by giving him directions.  What spells you can select are limited by what dice you roll.You need to make it to the other side of the castle before time runs out to defeat Farmin.Available for PC downloadClick here for download siteJust started my own web site for the game Click here for homepage   

Ship Attack

Simple fast shooting game.shoot the ships before they reach you

Mlock Mini Golf

Mini golf gameEnjoy 9 holes of my 3D mini golf

Physics Controls

I liked your idea and concept.
But it was very difficult from the beginning.
I would propose starting easier and working to more difficult.

3 years ago

Thanks for all the replies
I wrote the game in game maker studio 2.
They have an html compile option, but it is an add on I will need to purchase, unfortunately it's not cheap, so it will take some time.

3 years ago

I have created a 2nd method to run the game as a .exe that does not require installation. Let me know how it works.

Thanks again.

3 years ago

Thanks for the input, go ahead and leave it in your video.
I will wait for other feedback, then in a few weeks makes a new rev with some inprovments

3 years ago
Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue

I like your game. Inovative idea.

3 years ago

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