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The Spelling Game

Spell as many words as you can!The rules are simple. Listen to the given word, spell it, then submit your answer.The Spelling Game uses your device's built in Text-to-Speech engine to pronounce a randomly selected word which you would need to spell out correctly.Features- Hi score- Achievements- LeaderboardGoogle Play:

Alien Smash

Fight aliens, eliminate bosses, get power ups, and buy upgrades as much as you can!How to play:- Tap the aliens to eliminate them.- Do not tap the humans.Features:- Challenge Mode- Survival Mode- Multi-touch- Power ups- Upgrades- Boss fights- Endless gameplayGoogle Play:


The game is fun to play. It has simple mechanics and is challenging enough to get you occupied for a while.

6 months ago

Nice game! I like the simple mechanics. The game starts very easy then builds up the difficulty over time.

I think it would be better if there is a clear distinction between the penalty and power up bubbles so that it would be immediately clear for the players which should be avoided even without reading the instructions.

6 months ago

Thank you. :)

6 months ago

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