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This is my first attempt at creating a game. 2 days of work and a hope that at the end this will be a nice game.You are a piece of information that is trying to get to the processor, but the wanna cry virus is trying to encrypt you. Avoid the enemies and get to the end.EVERY SINGLE LEVEL IS POSSIBLE

Game Graphics Level Design

The graphics are really interesting

But i think a kind of horror soundtrack in the background would improve the gameplay

1 year ago

Well how should i introduce the player?

1 year ago

and what about the UI?

1 year ago

I had never encountered this problem, at what level does this happen?

1 year ago

I will fix it as soon as possible thx for your help

1 year ago

Your problem should now be fixed. :3

1 year ago

Just tell me and maybe
i can fix it

1 year ago

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