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WinningFive Basketball Manager

Are you are winner? Prove it.   Manage every aspect of your very own basketball franchise. Draft, hire and develop your players into the ultimate victory machine. Best other players and your friends in three different competition formats or challenge them in friendly duels.   Lead your team to victory by adjusting their tactics and play style in real time in the only realistic online basketball simulation ever made!

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Create tutorial that will have levels. Create e.g. 3 levels with 3 matches - each level each match where in 1st level match only basic cards and basic attributes will be used. Once person is practiced playing with simple cards introduce new match with higher level where more complex cards, attributes and concepts could be used. The game looks really interesting but there is so much information at once and details at the beginning. It would be bad to lose users because of this if I'm sure they would play the game just if they were introduced to it a bit slower.

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Great News!:)

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WinningFive Basketball Manager