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Space ARPG

Kill enemies, find modules, use those modules, level up and upgrade abilities. Complete Act I by defeating Tabby!Ships are built through tiles of the user decision. Then modules can be placed ontop of those tiles.  All ships have a Specie (Protectorate, Bacterorate, Monsterorate) and Class (Frigate, Marauder, Overclocker, Flagship) to choose from, largely influencing your ships functionality and stats.More roasting the better. :)Thank you.

Game Graphics Controls

This is largely my own opinion...

If a game doesn't need mouse control, I think it should not have mouse control. The only point of the mouse is to turn the direction of the ship clockwise or counter-clockwise. Everything else in the game is done through buttons. Using the left and right arrow key to control the rotation of the vessel would seem better to me. Using the mouse, you have to continuously move it to keep the ship rotating which is quite annoying.

Accessing the shop is also a bit awkward. Use right control to dock and right shift to undock? Why not just use the same key? This is just preference, but I have never seen a game by default expect you to use right control or right shift. In general, enter or space bar would be more generally used. Enter/Space bar -> goes forward. Esc key goes backwards. So enter dock, enter key. Enter shop, enter key. Exit shop, esc key.

Obviously the game is in a very early stage as there is no saving/loading, enemies (From what I could tell), or really any meaningful purpose to the game besides getting a few upgrades. Perhaps this is just from lack of tutorial or understanding and I'm missing content.

The graphics are satisfactory, but I also find ASCII based game graphics satisfactory.

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The server is located in East USA, so it might be an issue with latency as it is an online game. I have been working on the latency as for some reason I had overlooked that issue forgetting that the internet is world-wide.

When you say "dialogue text" are you talking about the one that appears next to your cursor? Could you specify a bit more? There are quite a few dialogue texts.

When you say " but the loading system didnt appear to work right.", could you clarify what you mean by that? What didn't load correctly? Images? Building the ship? Buttons?

If you have screenshots for the dialogue text or the loading system not working right, that would be fantastic!

Thank you for your roast,
Mason. :)

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Thank you for helping. :)

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Mining Boi _ Space Miner Sim

Space ARPG