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Ship Simulator Ultimate

The most realistic ship simulator game!Ship Simulator includes pirates attacks, businesses, dolphins and other details for a realistic gameplay.* Hiring Captains - You can hire more captains to sail your ships! They will make money for you!* Pirates - Your boats will be attacked by pirates ( They will steal from your ship if you will not fight against them )* Businesses - You can buy a lot of businesses to have more advantages for each transport.Buy MAG Restaurants or TECH to start parties, play movies in cruise ships for more revenues!Buy CRANE Services business to receive +15% bonus for each cargo transport!* Dynamic jobsCargo transports contains a lot of merchandise:- As the commander of a cargo ship, your job is to deliver a lot of goods from one port to another.Oil transports:- Transport diesel, gas or petroleum with your oil tanker.Cruise transports:- Transport passengers with your cruise ship!You can start parties, play movies, room services to make passengers happy for more incomes!

Canyon Defense TD

Build towers & develop your strategy to defend the canyon!Canyon Defense 3D is the best tower defense game on the market!During the game, enemies will try to break zone defense. The main tactic is to plan your base defense and carefully manage resources by building and upgrading the most efficient towers to protect the canyon.The core of the game is still the same: enemies rush at your defenses, trying to destroy them by any means necessary. Try to stop them using the towers!Jump into epic tower defense combat, take command of powerful turrets, hone your strategy skills and become the ultimate commander of your army to defend the canyon.Canyon Defense is one of the most engaging TD games available on mobile!Get ready to defend your colony against hordes of armored vehicles, tanks, drones and other dangerous enemies. Make your strategy to defend the entire Canyon.

Tutorial/Learning Curve Tutorial/Learning Curve

This game looks great but you need to implement a good tutorial system to make the gameplay more understandable.

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Ship Simulator Ultimate