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Jolly Dots: World of Adventure

Jolly Dots: World of Adventure is a simplistic mobile puzzle indie game that I've been workin on for 2 years. It features:Fun characters Three diifferent mechanics represented by three different characters and themes Simple levels for casual players, and advanced levels for advanced players RELAXING music and fun sound effects. HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED! It's finally available in beta and I'm lookin for feedback. Some of the things to consider for feedback:Is the game polished? Any obvious issues or bugs. Most importantly, is the game fun to play? Any ideas to make the game play more interesting and fun. Let me know what you think, and enjoy the game!

Game Graphics Mechanics

Game looks good but there's nothing new in it. There are already many variations 2048 games on iTunes and Play store. My suggestion is to add something new to the mechanic to add more value, like changing the grid size or a non-rectangular grid. You can also add some kind of boosters to assist if the player gets stuck.

9 months ago

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