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Loot Raider

At a time when "retro" refers to PS1-era games and "classic" refers to SNES-era games... Loot Raider ushers in an era of "Vintage" gaming! Reminiscent of late 70s / early 80s-era popular 8-bit computer games, Loot Raider is a pixel-map-sprite based, single-screen platformer. The first 6 levels are free with currently 24 additional levels available through in-app purchase.

Animation Controls

Looks like about 3/4 done. The graphics are fine as placeholders but for production you need some professionally-created sprites.

The controls lag. It's almost a second from the time you tap the screen until the ship moves. But even with that it's hard to die. I can let the game sit there for a few seconds unattended and never get hit.

Movement seems... robotic, not fluid.

3 years ago

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