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The New Adventures Of Circules

This is an epic fast paced side 'roller' all puns intended! Don't be a square and play Circules!

Epic Prose - Special Edition

This is a fantasy epic taking place in the magical world of Epica, you play a young hero seeking vengence on a dragon that destroyed your village. This is a free roam open world text adventures with many advanced features of modern RPGs.

Space Survival

Game coming to steam.

Think Inside the Box

It's a bullet hell game with a twist! You are inside a box with colour filters, so you can only see some of the bullets in play! This was developed for the LoJam2020 game jam with a mental health theme.

Vampire Dystopia

Winner of horrorjam2020 hosted by gamejolt. This is a 2d fast paced horror survival shooter!

Game Graphics Controls

Game graphics I picked as the best aspect, I like the lighting effect. For the needs most work I wasn't sure what to pick.. There is no story or objectives presented, making it unsure what the point of the game is. The 1st jump is really far, you have to be on the very edge about to fall off to make it, then once I land on the second platform I can no longer jump, all over controls work, except jumping, I can't go forward and I can't go back. So I was only able to play a few seconds of the game.

2 years ago

Also there is no menu or quit option I had to exit the game with alt-F4.

2 years ago

Oops I forgot the link!

2 years ago

Thanks a lot! This is just a demo version, but I might build it out into a full game and make some improvements.

2 years ago

Thanks for the input, I would like to improve the gameplay eventually and have some more ideas for moving around the map as well.

2 years ago

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