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Electric Noir

Electric Noir is a post-apocalyptic role-playing exploration of transhumanism set in a cyberpunk dystopian Neo-America (NeoAm). You are Ode, a seeker, a bounty hunter tasked with hunting down Augmented criminals, evildoers who are too strong for the over-worked police force.An action role-playing game with combat, crafting, attributes and skills, dialogue, inventory, and nano-tech weapons where you use all your skills to bring criminals to justice all while unlocking a noir story centering around NeoAm, Augs, and the truth behind "The Event".Thank you so much for playing and I hope you enjoy this first alpha of Electric Noir.

Mechanics Controls

Pretty good concept for a game here. I like the management aspects, paying for upgrades to get more folks to enter your club, while trying to fend off people who come to rob you.

One aspect I didn't like was having to click on the thugs in order to defeat them, playing on a trackpack this was pretty difficult, perhaps it could be like a quick-time event where I could complete a sequence of key presses instead?

Also, fending off the thugs got a bit repetitive after a while, it would be nice to have other monetary challenges, like having the bartender ask for a raise, or hiring more famous dancers to bring in more customers.

Management games often find a niche when they allow players to dive deep into the minutae of whatever they are managing, for example, being able to set the cover charge and have some amount go to the staff which influences their happiness and if they get too unhappy they'll leave or won't work as hard, or being able to water down the drinks to make more money that way.

11 months ago

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