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You suddenly find yourself in an unknown declining advanced citadel of an unknown planet. Without weapons or resources, the only thing you've got to survive is a device that generates matter, but what if the sole usage of this device unleashes an unknown dark ancient power? Help this lost explorer to reach the way out of this powerful darkness in this abandoned citadel. With this matter device as your only way to survive, deal with challenging puzzles and dangerous enemies, find hidden places to discover the dark story behind this doomed citadel or to discover hidden power-ups for the matter device. Immersive pixel-art Old-school inspired visuals with some modern techniques will make you feel that you're inside this lost world Challenging levels   Being able to place your own platforms and walls is a big plus, and you will need id Upgradable device   You can enhance matter properties to deflect enemies shoots or to explode as timed mines Story in the visuals   Let the game tell you about what happened to this citadel and why everything is against you in this place


The story sounds intriguing! The feeling of not knowing what exactly could happen, just clues at the video, makes this game interesting and wanting to know more about it

2 years ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

Graphics looks lovely! Excellent work there sir, the lighting and the aesthetics of this world are very detailed and quite mysterious and ancient. Like made of magic (which is good, since it fits the short story you described up there)

I feel the UI doesn't fit the general aesthetics, I think that font and menu art fits better for a more fast-paced game like a fighter or a beam em all, this is more like an adventure game to explore, maybe you should look for something more minimalistic, check the UI from Ori and the Blind Forest

2 years ago

The good
- Thank you dude! Even now I keep improving this and continue creating new art, specially for the world, so levels are not that repetitive.
- Definitely will do, I really loved this idea when this came up from my mind and I really want to finish this game.

The bad
- Yea I was thinking even about removing this sound, I placed it just to start with some SFX samples, but the entire SFX requires refactoring and better sounds, for example I'm not convinced with the steps either, and there are tons of sounds missing
- This is quite easy to do, however I'd like to know if you died more than once or twice when getting into the water, if so then this is a must
- Yea, going up there is not that easy as I thought, the more people I see playing this, the more I notice how difficult a challenge was
- Shortening the walk acceleration is something I didn't test long time ago, this is definitely something to check, now that its the very first time a player/tester mentions something not right on it
- This one is kinda tricky to be honest, there is already a red overlay for when you get hurt... I will try both of them being red and see if this feels natural, otherwise I would have to try the UI thing (thank you for that suggestion)... also, I was thinking about placing some humming sound when device is overloading, however I don't know if that would be noticed, or if it would be too disturbing

The ugly
- Oh that bloody jump... I am not able to find the right spot yet, it seems... what if I tell you I already checked Mario to refactor by 4th time the jump mechanics? (yea, it was even worse than now)... Other think I might ask you: how did you feel the overall game performance and which screen resolution did you use? I did noticed that if Matter is running with low FPS, some mechanics like the jump get really affected by it, so that information would be really helpful

2 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

The good
- Those mechanics are great! Super funny, challenging, fast paced. I guess those little teddy bears would give you some score... to be honest I don't really know why I wanted so bad to collect them all, maybe just for the achievement feeling. I didn't read the description, and even so the game itself made me figure out this hero is momentum based, which is awesome!
- This demo has tons of levels! And you only made available 1 powerup, yet it allowed a lot of gameplay! I'm really looking forward to see how challenging could get the next levels using those powerups at the end
- Enemies are progressively harder each time, which is good: the game is really balanced, tho those alien broccoli things :D were really tuff

The bad
- Not saying graphics are bad, they are well done, soft and well animated, but I found them quite repetitive, which can make the game a bit boring in terms of the visuals, maybe if you try a light change of color per level, or maybe drawing some more aesthetic props or tiled textures to make the level have different ambient, ones might be dirty, others look shiny and modern, others might even be in outside the ship at outer space, the sky is the limit! (and the resources you have for this game of course :D )
- I got accostumed to this in the end, but I don't know if its fair to count going straight off from a cliff without pressing space as a jump, it seems some challenges are designed towards this specific mechanic, is just I didn't feel this was natural

Notes: I didn't test the online mode

2 years ago

That might be fair to at least test in this mode, I might be wrong, it would be good to hear what do other players say about this specific game mechanic

2 years ago

Hello, thank you for roasting my game!

I like this style of art, I was even thinking about making more art (but way more detailed) as a way of exploring in between challenges, maybe as a way of rewarding... I'm still thinking about what's the best approach of doing rewards to players, I don't want to extend the scope of the game doing dialogs or animated cutscenes (I'm alone in this project) so I got to be wise on this one or I won't ever finish even the demo

I'd like to ask you: how many levels did you manage to play? so far nobody I knew was able to beat my demo, and it only has 6 levels

2 years ago

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