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CUTE&FANTASY3 - A New Adventure -

Overview CUTE&FANTASY3 plays like a traditional Console RPG.   Combat is turn-based, giving the player the opportunity to select their actions at their own pace. There are 3 main characters, and they will adventure in the same world. Genre RPG PlayTime 6-9 hour           (One Main Character about 2-3 hour) Features Cute character's  RPG  Combat scene is elaborate cute & move around well   Trivia This game Original Title BOY&FANTASY3 and translated Japanese into English. StoryDahlia's storySuddenly, Daria wanders into a strange place, where a mysterious man asks for save world. With a swinging sword in hers hand, Dahlia is strong at fighting, which cannot be imagined from the other. Why she is so strong?  Who is she?  and whereabouts of her adventure...   Kikyo's StoryA world where swords, magic and a few ancient ruins sleep. Dahlia living with a human-like machine excavated from the ruins She found a mysterious lithograph one day...   Astor's StoryHundreds of years after the fight against the Deity of Destruction, the world crisis is about to come again. A girl with cat ears and an elf woman who are close friends are unknowingly involved in a battle to save the world... But it's not such a serious story, but a bright and fun picnic adventure :)

Game Graphics

Characters are so cool & cute :)
The UI is very beautiful too xD

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