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Run Prop, Run! PRIVATE BETA out Now! Grab a KEY!

To JOIN the BETA: CLICK HERE!Run Prop, Run! is a fun eight player game of hide-and-seek, inspired by the classic Prop Hunt mods, which where you and your friends can take turn hiding and shooting props! There are multiple powers to use and new ways to play the genre that has never been explored before! Each match starts as one Hunter attempting to catch seven Props and as the Props get caught they are converted to Hunters. This is balanced by the scoring system so the risk reward feeling is intensified.Make sure to open your DMs on Discord once you join and grab the !Key from the appropriate text channel!  


This is WAY too soon to show off at all! You have a nice idea but need to create a better vertical slice before posting. First impressions are everything in marketing!

6 months ago

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