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Mechanics Level Design

Died many times though its actually quite addictive. I kept improving. I do think as a starter level it should be made super easy and then progress harder and harder. Basic, Simple and addictive which makes a good game

4 months ago

Well there not much to this game yet. The idea is fab big potential but thats about it at the moment. The game play is super hard as in trying to find objects. There nothing to indicate that you are close, perhaps some sort of sound to confirm you are close or a pop up message. The music is very relaxing, the detector it self needs to be slower when moving perhaps as it looks it appears too fast. I personally gave up after 10 mins of searching but I am sure as the game progresses it will become better

4 months ago

There not really anything I can say about this game. you can walk well Jog, Jump and walk up stairs. I am sure you have an idea of what you will be implementing this into. for now its in its most basic form. Body template looks good. I hope that the final model will fit in with the body structure.

4 months ago

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