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The Most Poser Heroes

This is a game about making physical animations. Make your character strike poses and solve each level.Pose your character, press play, if it doesn't work, retry!

Tutorial/Learning Curve

I already know how to program. But not in python.

Opening an extern website with a coding tutorial? No. If this game is about coding in python, Teach me. If I was any user i would quit right now.

My keyboard is in spanish, but when I type into your game, it converts to english layout, which makes it very hard to type anything that makes sense spacielly with symbols.

Now I'm stuck in this console and don't know how to go back to the game. Remember me how to get out always.

I'm back at that first room. I don't know any 10 word phrase.
Try dir() hint() info()... everything is useless.

I quit this. This game makes no sense. You have to give an idea of what I'm suppose to do. Don't make the level dissappear when I'm coding. Give me any hint about the game, not only the commands... info() about what? Objects() just gives me something I have no idea what it means.

This game need a lot of work for beginners.

4 years ago

Thanks for this feedback, it is very useful.
I will work to fix the leg problem: Are you talking about level 3?

4 years ago

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