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Space Dust

Buy a used space fighter, stock up on equipment and supplies and go make money by transporting cargo or being a pirate and attacking other ships. Game in active development.The game is available through Here's a free download key exclusively for Roast My Game users: case of problems, e-mail or tweet @SpaceDustGame


Command & Conquer + Chess = Planetfall. Build an army to defeat your opponent. Two-player turn-based strategy game.I made  this game as a paper prototype at first, then turned into a video game as a 2-week project.Play against the computer or local multiplayer - especially fun playing against a friend on a big screen with a controller!DOWNLOAD HERE:* Base* Power plant* Factory* Smelter* Turret* Missile base* Missile shieldVehicles:* Construction* Mining* Fighter* Demolition

Mechanics Controls

Played it for about 7 rounds before I got frustrated and gave up. The game starts off too hard.

I like the concept and think this could turn into something neat. But the first few moments with the game are crucial, and they should be fun.

If this was my game, I would:
1. Make the first level much easier. Bigger ring, the bullets would reach until the end of the screen, enemies moving slower, etc.
2. Make the controls less finicky. Turning is very sensitive (fast), and it's quite hard to know where I'll end up at.
3. At each levelup, make something a bit harder. More enemies, smaller ring, etc.

I know it can be hard to have good-looking game art, but I would start by making everything uniform - the ring has compression artifacts, and different objects have different pixel sizes. Try to create sprites with similar styles.
I would also add simple sound effects. It's incredible what that does to a prototype.
I'd be happy to test it again if you released another version with a bit more fun gameplay.

3 years ago

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