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TankyTank is a mobile game that only put your high score. Beat your last High score and be the one.   To get the high score, you just simply destroy things, such as enemy tank and trees, etc. What ever you do, just destroy things to reach your new high score. There is pickup items that you can use as advantage to get score. Use your own tactics to reach your New High Score. And There also new mode as a story mode and you can finish the game. There also achievements and unlocks more skins. There is something hidden in the game find it and you will get skins.    You can customize your tank in the option section. With variety of colors, red, green, blue, black and etc.   Be careful, Every tank in here wants to kill you, also we have turrets which also targeting you.   Have Fun Playing       Created by : Daniel Christian

Level Design Mechanics

The level design was nice and good, I like it because it has doors, and triggers. But some of the mechanics need to be fix, like sometimes i stuck at the bottom of the map after reaching first trophy. and the bosses HP needs to be 1000hp or more so there is thrill. And more levels. Nice game, Keep up the good work :D

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