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Snow Cone Tycoon

Snow Cone Tycoon is a fun and educational game for all ages! Players start their journey with a block of ice, a few paper cones, and some flavored syrup. With each new day, players attempt to build their fan base by making the best snow cones on the block! But, earning the rank of Tycoon won’t be easy. With ever-changing (and sometimes disastrous) weather conditions, players must adjust their recipe, manage their resources, and strategize. Snow Cone Tycoon features 13 ranks and 80 unlockable characters (including zombies!)

Level Design Story/Writing/Dialogue

Awesome concept! I love the twist on traditional "draw the line" puzzle platformers. I think this would work well on mobile as well. I would like to see some sort of a backstory to tie everything together. Great job!

7 months ago

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