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IIII is a speed game in outer space. you must dodge voxel obstacles by moving in spiral. Let's go forward with a your mug.

Voxel Art : Spot The Difference

Enter the 3D VOXEL world and experience an enchanting and relaxing stage. Voxel spot the difference is Free puzzle game. This 3D voxel puzzle game you've never played before.   If you played this puzzle game once, you can't turn back to 2D spot the difference...probably. Feel the story in 3D voxel world we made. You find something that will make you smile, not only difference. Both kids and adults can enjoy this puzzle game.   We are indie,so we can't make many many voxel worlds at once. But We are going to update frequent for new voxel art. Please enjoy!   {Feature} *Beautiful original 3D voxel art for this game only *Spot the difference everybody loves! *You can move screen in real 3d voxel world! *100% Free game *Easy to play   {How to play} *Compare the top and bottom voxel art, to touch where there is different. *There are 5 differences. *You can rotate,enlarge,change the angle. *No time limit.  *You have 3 lives and 3hints. Please Investigate slowly and thoroughly.

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Game Graphics and sound is so beautiful.
At first, I did not know what to take.
I think that it is easy to understand when there is animation of explanation.
Thank you for reading.

2 years ago

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