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Puzzle Sage

Control a puzzle fanatic blue monster and navigate him around various levels, each with different elements such as buttons, keys, boxes, enemies, bullets, etc. The game will keep introducing new mechanics, making the puzzles harder as you tackle each one.* Collect all the keys distributed around the level.* Push crates onto buttons to keep doors open.* Press colored buttons where only one color will stay open.* Get past enemies and bullets shot by enemies.* Be careful that wooden crates may be destroyed by the enemies.* Redirect enemy bullets to charge bullet collectors which will open special pathways.All these elements and more are combined in Puzzle Sage to create interesting puzzles!Earn stars in the levels depending on your success, unlocking new levels and finding puzzles designed to challenge and fully satisfy you.Let's see how much of a sage you are!

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I agree with most of the comments, it has good enough graphics but does start a bit hard. Also there is a slight delay at the start when you tap to start which is a little distracting. Other than that, it can be a nice time-waster finger fiddle game.

3 years ago
Animation Controls

Very nice and relaxing game. The sound effects were very interesting. I liked the encouraging quotes. The controls during the gameplay was fine, but swiping to change the tutorials were kind of awkward. Other than that it is a cool game for what it is. I wish you success!

3 years ago

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