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Dsystem v1.2

Introduction:Join a community of career focused ideas (main characters)supported by u.. **mobile support --click link to purchase-- *Solve the puzzle to learn the full story*Annual updates *Community support for artists*Mobile supported content/ Stylish learning and networking*Limited time offer**Stella' host!?

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Hi, I would like to help u with your game.. to that's th forum.. I think your game is very powerful to the gaming community as a fan of FPS shooters long standing. Like my game my first thought is it's to good to be true.therefore o wouldn't naturally click on it right away.. for disappoint reasons it's better to imagine it's as good as soon or counterstrike and easier to buy or get into.. so hopefully u can port to Android.. also solving th bugs in Neverwinter nights enhabced edition wardrobe .. :-)... Your intro video may be too long vs. showing direct game play good luck on your hopeful future..

7 months ago

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