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This is a 2D shooting game.

Tutorial/Learning Curve Tutorial/Learning Curve

Unity is gone for indie developers!
Come to Godot 4!

8 months ago

Thank you for this expert analysis that you provided! It is clear from your username that you are also interested in chess! My next game is supposed to be chess! My Chess will be very different from any other chess software.

But about this game!
I actually aimed to make a game with a different story than Contra. Maybe it would have been better to name it something else! But because I was using ready-made game assets, I couldn't call it anything other than Contra when I used its graphics!

I did not pay much attention to the details of the user interface! But because there are few buttons and the type of bullets can be seen at the same moment of selection, it is not very important!

In this game, for the first time, I made in-app purchases using digital currencies, which is unique in this field!

7 months ago

Thank you!
You will see my programming power in the chess project!
Of course, I also try to improve in graphic design.

7 months ago

Rise of the Kal-Rul