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AM App: Color Connect

"Connect Color" will bring you back to the good old time classic puzzle with modern colors. Find all pairs of the same colors that can be connected. This game is addictive colorful game with many levels. You need to find out the pair of blocks which have the same color. Base on the color palette, this game will show funny color blocks. In the limitation of time, you have to find out a pair of block have the same color. The exciting of the game is the color of block will be more similar each other. this will challenge your eyes. Features: - Colorful game play ! - Higher level more difficult color - Fun and relax puzzle! - More beautiful background images and music . - Leader board to challenge your friend.   A minimum of 75MB of free space is required on your device. For our site: For YouTube :   If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at:

AM App: Circle The Number

AM App is an indie game in Vietnam. AM App always tries to make game play. "AM App: Circle the number" is a simple casual game. It is also the puzzle game. The idea behind creating games is from the classroom. The player will circle the numbers from 1 to the last number. Within the time limit, players must complete the level to unlock the next level.  The difficulty of the game includes: the number of numbers increases with each screen, time is limited, the color of the numbers will change, the numbers are able to move, the numbers are reversed, the numbers flashes off. The game has 50 levels. Each level of play will have increasing difficulty.

AM App: Art Photos

Welcome to the Best AM App, art photos 2021, an indie app in Vietnam. Art Photos app will make up your photo with many style ! Art Photos using the technology of image processing. AM App using the combination between your photos with the art of famous oil painting, to help you able to become an artist with your images. AM App, Art Photos App is a brand new art application! A new type of application helping user become an artist, Creating your own images with your feeling. the idea behind creating this art application is inspiring your art inside. Users just adding which image they want to add effect. Within more than 8 styles , user can freely to create their images . Test your art and relax as you drawing your oil painting. FEATURES: - Easy to USE, no complex instructions - more 8 styles to select. - Creating a art photos. - Suitable for all ages - Create photos for your family and friends - No limit, use anywhere/anytime. Ready to use AM App, Art Photos application? If you have any problem while playing the number puzzles game or any suggestion, please contact us at Your valuable feedback is really important for us.  

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AM App: Circle The Number