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Bounce Man

Tap and tilt to help Bounce man eat everything in his way!   Bounce man needs to eat every five seconds so hurry up! Stay focused he eats bombs when he is in buffed mode and eats cherries when in normal mode.

Hop! Hoop Hop!

Help Pip the Penguin perform The Flying Penguin Show! Tap to move the hoops up and down and assist Pip as he flies through the hoop course with his jet pack.

Mechanics UI Graphics

The concept for challenge is pretty interesting. The UI for me just feels crowded.

11 months ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH! for trying my game :) . I think you have missed the hunger meter which gives you 5 secs till bounce man gets hungry! And for the 3 time clicking it's because you have not cleared more than 10 points which most likely means you have not grasped the instruction that is why it automatically redirects you to the help page.

11 months ago

HELLO! Thank you for taking time trying my game! :) It feels like there would be so much sounds working on with the bouncing plus background music. But I'd give that a shot and i'd also try to fix the sound effects since i did some clipping for all sounds to be normalized at a certain db. Thank you for that! For the difficulty i think it would really be a pretty harsh game as it goes faster really. Try giving it a longer try sometime! :). Actually pressure increases and confusion increase as you play it longer but depending on how things work out i might go for your suggestion in adding more obstacles! For your last suggestion i am not quite sure if i got that right. Are you suggesting for me to add a demo run instead of flashing mechanics of the game? Nonetheless, thank you once again!

11 months ago

Thank you so much for your feedback! do you mean the settings menu? or the home menu where bounce man is? i would be adding more assets for different dpi soon! by the way i would like to invite you to roast my new game here!
Thank you so much! :)

11 months ago

Thank you so much for that! i'd be going to apply that suggestion as soon as possible :) if you dont mind i would like you to roast this game too!

It is a simpler one but please let me hear your thoughts about it!

11 months ago

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