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Do You think cats just lazily sleep all day and wandering pointlessly at night? Well ... no. They sleep all day because in the night they fight Evil, defending their owners! This game tells the story of brave cat guardians, which defend their lovely old mistress, while she sleeps in a dark castle in the middle of mysterious S'cat-tish forest.

Mechanics Level Design

A nice time killer, but sounds are too rough in my opinion and some music would be nice to hear, because this constant jumping sound is getting annoying too fast. I've reached 18 points and I think that the level has to be more diverse (more platform types, obstacles, enemies, bakgrounds etc) as it becomes tedious to see all the same things, but may be I've just played not enough.
And, perhaps, you should start to move the screen down only after player get aquainted with the controls (give some time to try tilting and tapping till player will be comfortable and only then drop him down. Now you can loose in a second after you start the game because you miss the first platform, it's kinda too fast IMHO). In general, I think it's a nice concept but needs some further work.

11 months ago

Hi! You're totally welcome.
Yes, I think that having some kind of tutorial or demo, where player can get used to controls would be nice, otherwise you have only ~1 second after the game begins to understand that you should tilt the phone to hit the first platform before you lose. Some not-so-patient people can be disappointed by this :)

11 months ago