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Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics

I really enjoyed this game. The idea is fun. Using sharks to kill bad guys is fun. Making combos and working out which ones to use on which monsters is fun. The UI for the control of the spells are a bit small on mobile but totally usable as they are. The biggest thing that needs work is the music. The 8bit soundtrack is fine but it needs more variation and sound fx are a bit harsh on the ears. Not sure about the name. It's a bit obscure to work out what the cane part is all about but its not the worst thing in the world. Just could be catchier.

6 months ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Level Design

Favorite part of this game was actually the music. It's totally great at immersing you in the whole disco thing. The animation and color scheme is a bit jarring but on par with many games of this type. In some parts of the game play it there was no indication of where the next platform was going to be so it felt a bit like I was being cheated when I lost through no fault of my own. Maybe the balance between skill and luck needs to be considered more.

6 months ago

One small bug is that it kept asking me id i wanted to do the tutorial after I'd done it already.

6 months ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics

Really nice simple game with a good setup for mobile. I would like some audio feedback and background music. I think that would add to the rhythm of the game play. I would also like more color variation options. Slightly different shades of color available or randomly changed on different runs of the game.

6 months ago


Disco Drop