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Fantasy Racing Manager

Fantasy Racing Manager is an Indie Game that tries to fill the niche of motor racing managing games.   Create your own team and start from the bottom and work your way up the different classes trying to reach the top of the ladder: The World Championship!   Build and upgrade your cars, manage your drivers, balance your budget like a real motorsport entrepreneur.   What are you waiting for? Download now and test Fantasy Racing Manager's Alpha Version for free!      

Game Graphics Physics

Game was ok. Nothing innovative, nothing new and pretty dull.

As an MVP it is fine and quite fun to play, but there is no mechanic, no story element or a visual that hooked me to the game so far.
Also I had some problems with the physics. I died a couple of times because the character got stuck on the ground or the jump did not work properly.

I like your art style and the game is cute to look at, but like I said, without a good hook this game does not have any spice.

5 months ago

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