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Vortrus is a space shooter in which you fight the expansive Karasyn space force and seek to preserve your home planet. Use powerups, your laser cannons and your laser sharp reflexes to push your way further into their empire and take down their nation! Blast your way through hordes of spacecraft and fight for justice and the preservation of your entire race.

Story/Writing/Dialogue Animation

The game needs the most work in the animations. The player walking animation should have more frames, especially when the style is so easy to draw. I like the game though!

2 weeks ago
Mechanics Physics

This game is great, but I have one big gripe with it: the bounciness causes the car to leap and jolt unrealistically. Now I understand this game isn't exactly supposed to be a simulation, but the jumping and skipping is really noticeable and at some points makes the player have a disadvantage (For example, having to boost to avoid flipping on the ramp). Great game though! Another gripe is secondary but noticeable - please add more music and more variety in general. I loved "the void" because it made me wanna see even more of the level. But then there was nothing much after it for a while. Please spice it up!

2 weeks ago

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you liked the graphics! I know about the bug with the movement (that one's been around a while, I'm working on it), and I'm currently working to improve the vertical bounds as well. I also am very aware of the boss not going away, I will definitely look into it! As far as respawning below the screen, was the ship stuck there or did it come out of the bottom of the screen and allow you to keep playing? Thank you so much for playing and leaving so much awesome feedback! I really, really appreciate it! :D

1 week ago

I definitely think I'll come back again and again to this game by the way. It's amazing and I love it!

1 week ago

Okay, thank you so much! Working on it!

1 week ago


Car Launch