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The Sight

DESCRIPTION Hello everyone! What I propose is a classic rpg created with Rpg maker and a classic plot: the game starts "in medias res", the world was cursed years ago, nobody can read and it's difficult for normal people to use their sight. You are a guy named See (what a fantasy) who is the new Sight. The legend of the Sight is the fulcrum of the story, no one knows it perfectly, but everyone recognizes you just by looking at you. Explore continents, do some quests, make friends and enemy, look for the statues, find out what the legend really means and try to save the world from its darkness... or not if you want. DIFFICULTY The game is not that easy. There's a strategy for every bosses you can face: you have to measure out your special skills and understand how to use them (expecially those of the Sight). FUTURE UPDATES  The game will have: 5 continents to explore 5 super bosses and a lots of minor and secret bosses Story and character development for each of your allies if you follow their quests A lots of unique and legendary weapons Blessing, curse and unique abilities that affect the fighting for a lot of characters  And more

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The game is simple, but captivating. the mechanics are really fun and the game makes you entertain you in moments of boredom during the day. very nice, good!

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