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PopSwap is a game where you prevent a happy animal from plummeting to their death ;) Its a game that takes an interesting twist on the endless runner genre and lets the player control the environment not the player.Gently RIP me a new one i want to improve this game. Thanks

Game Graphics Level Design

I liked the games graphics it rather nicely fit in with the ghost. The difficulty seemed spot on as well as the timer i managed to find the ghost just before the timer ran out on most of them.

I think the game could be improved with some thought into level design the levels seemed random. for example it would be better if the levels had a certain theme for example a single haunted house with different ghosts it would seem like less of an endless random game if this was implemented. Whereas currently it is a hallway then a forest then a cemetery. It seems random and makes the used lose interest.
Also the I think the commenter before me BROKEN_CAPS_PRICK had that impression because of the overly done "horror" text font basically the bright red text and photo images make it seem generic much like an invasive clickbait ad or popup. Also the sounds make it seem like cheap scares (might be what you were going for) honestly i am probably the wrong audience for this game,

But it is well polished but put some thought into the level design.

4 years ago

Hey first off thank you I greatly appreciate the thorough roasting.

Ok so the name PopSwap is literally due to how you swap which colour is popped out, I was looking for a name change but it has since grown on me.

You are right about the random generation of tiles and i have been balancing the jump range but i feel the game needs to get harder and harder. So this is a hard balance to reach.

Graphically and mechanically PopSwap is intended to be a casual game aimed at younger children and casual gamers essentially a mobile game intended for time wasting and competing with friends E.G. Crossy Road or Flappy Bird. So graphically I intended it to be a cutesy casual game with little animals that bounce on colourful blocks in the sky (background was done quickly) but the models were bought and i think they would work in a cutesy game

I think the 3D adds to the popping and swapping of the tiles and i don't see this working in 2D, correct me if i'm wrong.

I know very little about colour palettes and theory i just wanted colours that matched and were appealing in a nice casual game. I have struggled trying to find an art style but i think the characters work but the BG and the platforms need changing.

As for the concept i added "preventing animals from plummeting to their death" into the description mainly as a joke and a light hearted advertising point i guess to try make it sound more unique. The game is intended to be a little endless runner with animals bouncing on platforms.

The mechanics i think need tweaking and i like the ideas for different platforms you had like the gravity change and teleporters.

But the game is essentially a timing game so i cant have too much of the level on screen at the moment random levels seem to be the way to go currently RNG decides if the platform is a double then if its green or red. then a second query makes sure they alternate.

I was considering adding a circle graphics on the point the rainbows take another arc because the lines are weird at that point.

Thank you for your feedback you took a lot of time to write everything i needed and fairly but thoroughly roasted me (that is what i needed)

It is now clear to me now that the graphics do collide so what i need is a change of background and platforms have you got any idea how i can change these into BGs and platforms that compliment the characters.

4 years ago

Thanks for your feedback. The platforms made me think of xylophone keys initially.

I will add everything you mentioned as it was stuff i was leaving till the end for some reason.

Also some questions about the characters do you think they would be creepy to a younger audience? and what made them creepy.?

4 years ago