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To The UltraViolet

You're Ultra, a little violet square lost in all the colors.  Your goal is to reach the UltraViolet color by passing through 70 unique levels. Be careful, there are many enemies on your way ! There are 9 different types of enemies, teleporters, spades...A mix between Mario and Bomberman, playable on mobile ! Please roast it. Need feedback on graphics. I hid my lack of graphic skills behind arcade style and particles (I'm a programer...). So if you find something I can improve, without graphic skills I would be pleased to do so ! In beta on android and iOS : AndroidiOS

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Pretty cool !

I think you can improve the particles effect behind the player. It's the center of your app, so make it perfect !

Also, I would change the font of the score, too rounded for your game in my opinion (may be wrong).

1 year ago

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