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Atbash is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a Discord server. Inspired by games like Her Story and Return of the Obra Dinn, Atbash sends you on a quest to retrace the events of an illegal Playstation account sale gone sideways and uncover the identities of three criminals in order to bring them to justice.   "Hello! I go by Atbash or Antenym. A few months ago, my Steam account was stolen and sold. I tracked down the thieves, a group who call themselves the Ring Company, and joined their Discord channel. I pretended to be a buyer looking for the Playstation account Atbash (which I already owned), and offered to pay them to steal it.  I have evidence in the form of their Discord that the Ring steals and sells accounts. Now I need outside help to determine the identities of the Ring members so that I can take my evidence to the police. My bot will explain how you can help once you join the Discord server. - Atbash/Antenym"

Animation Game Graphics

Cool atmosphere, the music and visuals are great.
However, everything is too small to really be able to tell what anything is without running into it and testing whether it kills you, which is a problem since there are limited lives.
Also, the grammar and sentence structure in the opening cutscene is a bit off. "Chimmering" I think should say "Shimmering," there's a sentence that says "There was darkness and evil consuming what he had ever fought and died for" which I think should say "everything he had fought and died for", and there's a few more like that.

1 year ago
Physics Physics

My laggy internet decided to publish this game twice, and afaik there's no way to delete posts for some reason. Ignore this post please.

1 year ago