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cirlotron attempts to be a slightly middle-aged school shooter.


I'm a bit at a loss as to how to say anything about anything in particular. I think the game is great apart from the semantic nitpick that your game is about 'arithmetic' rather than 'maths'. From what I can see it works really well and I'd probably enjoy playing it. I think the later parts of the video where more numbers end up on a bar it actually gets easier rather than harder if only because there are less spaces for the bar to go. This may be intentional I can't tell.

Overall, great effort would probably play. :)

8 years ago
Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Games like this rest entirely on their stories and while I get where you're going with this, in fact I got where you were going with this after the second dialog, this is a too hamfisted to do what you want it to do. I'm relatively sure I align with you politically but even for me this seems like too much on so many levels it seems hard to give a specific instance where you went wrong.

given that this site is called 'roast my game' I'm just going to say, keep the engine, keep the combat, rewrite every single line of dialog.

8 years ago
Level Design

for a platformer what is foreground and what is background is very important, the fact that a ladder shows up in something that looks like instant death is a big problem.

8 years ago

If you want to make a new minigolf game the lower bar really has been set by neverputt and this game doesn't seem to clear that bar. Play neverputt and you will almost immediately see the problems with your game

8 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

Whenever anyone makes a game like this I think the thing worth asking is "What does my game do that super metroid 2 didn't do" this may seem like a dick thing to say but this game clearly has 100% of the graphic design and 40% of the gameplay already in place. If you want to want this to go anywhere make it complex and keep the fluidity.

8 years ago

Thank you for your feedback! I'll play around with the contrast a bit and upload a new video.

8 years ago

Thank you for roasting! :) I've fallen into a bit of a physics engine hole to make everything appear a bit more dynamic, I have some music picked out that I think will go well with the game. Sound effects is turning out to be a bit harder.

What sprited were you referring to exactly? The turret and bullet indicators?

8 years ago

Yeah, other people have pointed that out. Stupid thing is I actually did that on purpose in this version. :P (the targets not matching up) I've fixed that now.

8 years ago

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