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Deceit Island

(NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED) Definitely not a Cat Mario rip off....Rage Platformer - Originally submitted for The Community Game Jam  with the theme "The Game Is A Liar" on at 4 and 5 were added afterwards. Now available on Android: Things in this world are not as they seem.  Platforms aren't platforms, blocks aren't blocks, even clouds have it in for you! I bet you can't make it to the end. In fact, I will give you my entire life savings if you do.  You play as a chubby little robot/alien dude and you must avoid carrots, snails,  and the rest of the entire island  because nothing is safe.  I wonder how you'll die first. Will you fall? Get impaled by spikes? Crash the game? I bet you'll just die from hitting your head too hard on a block. This isn't Mario because this has ice creams instead of mushrooms so you cant sue us Nintendo :)   Other Games Flicknock: Jumpack: Contact Us Twitter: @SyrAppGames Email:  

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Pretty fun game with nice and easy mechanics! Maybe you could add some bosses or something to make it more interesting?

1 year ago

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I will take your improvements on board :D
I'm not sure how adding a lag to the jump would make it better though?

1 year ago

Deceit Island