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Space Chicken

  This is an infinite runner inspired by Crossy Roads, but now the chicken has entered a futuristic world with floating cars that he must avoid. Collect coins to also discover new jetpacks. Help the Chicken Explore this new world and helps finds its home. How TO Play:   W-A-S-D or ARROW KEYS is movement   Press Space Bar to activate the Jetpack                                to start game          Press "G" to access Garage Arrow Keys to Filter Through JetPacks Left Click On Jetpack to select it   Press "R" to access Rolling Left Click on "Roll" to Roll for new Jetpack   Move Mouse Around To Move Camera   Thank you for playing and please write a review.   THIS GAME WILL BE A MOBILE GAME BY THE END OF THE 2019 SUMMER.

Story/Writing/Dialogue Animation

I like the game ideas, but would love to see more levels and better graphics

11 months ago

Space Chicken