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A Shooting Sword

A nice top down Shooter in a dungeon were you need to slash and shoot enemies with one weapon and find the key or lever that will open the door to freedome.

Mechanics Game Graphics

So I love the general idea you have and you have made a simple to understand game. But the graphics and UI just dosent go together. You need to find a style, something that the general game can have. Also try to make the level look more interesting. Right now it's too boring with nothing intresting about it, try adding small details and other stuff to the level to make it more interesting just to look at.

2 months ago
Game Graphics Level Design

I like the general graphic style and how the game looks but bro, I belive in you. Use that style and make something original something you can call your own and be proud of. Use this game as a base and build to it with your own touch.

Good luck bro!

2 months ago
Game Graphics Controls

Bro I love the graphic style, it really reminds me od games from the PS2 era, continue working and spreading it, looks super good. But I had some small problems with the contol, maybe it's just me so try asking others how they feel about the controls but it just feels a bit off, otherwise I can' wait dude.

Good Luck Bro!

2 months ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Hi Bro!
I love the graphic style, it is simple but still thrives as a spooooky game. It's a good scare (i'm a scaredy cat) and it's a nice goal. But try pushing the story more, this could make the player feel more when they actually encounter it.

Good Luck Bro!

2 months ago

Im taking this from the trailer so you know.

2 months ago

Well the credits is only Studio AtoF so I don't really think that it's needed.

2 months ago