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Just to note, I haven't played the game due to not having an Android phone, but I thought I'd give some feedback based on the video.

I like the character creator, very cool, and the world map too. The early levels seem a little uninteresting, but they generally are in these games; I'm sure the level design gets more interesting as the game progresses.

Most of the issues I noticed are nitpick-y UI problems. The up/down arrows on the character creator are not aligned to the choices at the top, which is a little jarring (I also think they are slightly bigger, which is strange). As well, some of the text feels a little close to other text/other UI elements, particularly the goals at the top of the screen when you enter a new level (they slightly overlap the FUR block text).

The enemies also appear to walk way too far off the edge and look as though they should fall off, so I'd make them switch direction a little earlier. You can see this clearly at 1:03.

Good luck with the development!

6 years ago

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