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Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics

Hey there. It's a good first step for the prototype. If you wish to imporve it the following aspects can be addressed:

- improved "skinning" for the character and the environment. There are many cute asset packs around to get you started.
- animations on the character and preferably on the surrounding objects.
- some "juicing" will help - like dust clouds on landing, visual special effect on a coin grab, death etc.

Game Mechanics:
- progression could be faster. It's quite boring to wait while a coin is approaching me each time for a whole screen length.
- the jump height could be regulated by the time you hold a button. This way it would be much easier to grab tricky coins. Currently controls feel very rigid.

Keep it going!

9 months ago

Ok, good :) Just let me know when a new update is ready.

9 months ago

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