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Peko Blast

Use your brain and skills to guide Peko on an adventure through fantastic, well-made levels! Find the best solution to solve the puzzles, make the highest scores, and earn three stars! Receive your Daily Rewards every day in Peko Blast by coming in to help Peko!Come and have fun with our puzzles by blasting through obstacles with special items.FEATURES:- Addictive and easy gameplay enjoyed by people from all around the world!- Featuring 1000 levels and constant updates to Peko Blast.- Consists of different game variations and styles where you have to use your brain and skills to get to the next level! - Numerous boosters and powerful combos to blast any obstacles that is in the way.- Collect stars by beating the stages to receive treasures and boosts!- Peko Blast can be played offline! You do not need Wi-Fi or data to play the game! - Supports 16 languages and more to be added! Anyone can play Peko Blast! Welcome to Peko Blast! Peko needs your help! Let’s go! 

Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics

The story is good, could be a little bit more polished, but very good overall.

Graphics could be worked on. Sure its pixel based, but it could be more refined!

2 years ago

Thank you for the feedback! Please let us know what kind of mobile device you were playing on so that we can adjust it accordingly!

2 years ago

Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Peko Blast