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The legend of Chuture, Build, craft and fight on a time travelling train.All roast are welcome, it's been my passion project for a few years now~More information: Itch.io/Chuture orGamejolt/Chuture

Game Graphics Controls

So i'll alternate positives and bad things until i run out of bad things to say.

- First of all although i say graphics are my favorite they are basically good enough to make a game with, although the player is just an arrow, didin't even realize what i was, sorry skipped through most of text walls to much of it
+ Enemies are looking pretty good
- I hate the controlls, i don't wan't to have to press a direction twice to move i know i'ts because you can shoot but it need's fixing
+ I like that you can kinda play it coop with the drone.
- I never moved the drone when playing alone didn't need it either
+ Lot's of enemy variety: flyers and snails (they hop walls?) rats
- Enemies get stuck in weird places: a bird got stuck in 4 walled box even though it flew right in there
+ Rotating walls when you pass, cool idea!
- TO MANY inputbuttons, you show them all in the intro but i didn't even want to bother remember them all so i just winged it in game.
+ Procedural generation seems work alright, didn't got stuck in any of the 4 ish lvls i played
- I didn't really care about all the things i was collecting
+ Nice work, it's a good start to a game

Bugs i encountered:
* A snail hopped a wall?
* The bird that got boxed in
* Enemies stopped chasing me until walked right next to them (staring at a wall in my general direction)
* Enemies moved atop of me and didn't seem to deal any damage?

11 months ago
Mechanics Controls

Great mechanic idea shoving the cars out of the way by pressing corresponding keys could totally work.
The art style although works as well, simple but works.

Praising aside i get the 10 controls idea but if not totally rebindable (4 presets?) i would suggest the better binding atleast for me would be: qwervnuiop.
still 10 lanes the dotted lines helped but when rush hour started cars started sneaking past, or i would mis the lane.. (also maybe it could help to alternate a color for each lane?).

Some ideas:
Some cool ideas as well is that you instead of having 10 jumpers have some kind of lane switchers? having different ways of "rerouting" the cars could be a nice polish.
Also have you considered or planning to do this on music ritme? that could be cool.
Cars that maybe take up 2 lanes?

... not much of roast i guess :\

11 months ago

That's the most painful roasts... thank you for trying though

6 months ago

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