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Space Cats In Space!

Space combat with claws! An advanced twin-stick shooter space epic, SpaceCats In Space! Follows the kingdom of Meowfyre’s rebellion against the dogs of the Grolich Empire. Bomber strikes, wingman assistance and RPG-like leveling are all tools at your disposal in the battle to stop OberLuft Kommandant Arnuld Von Schloss and the vast Grolich war machine. Featuring “Screen Shake” feedback and full voiceover and dialog to immerse you in a World War II inspired space battle of cats versus dogs.

Animation Story/Writing/Dialogue

Slick animations, but the trailer really needs a lot of work. I'm not sure if the 'beats' are music or sound. If it's music, it's not very good and kind of inconsistent.

4 years ago

Controls are a funny thing. We playtested it the way you suggested and the reception was negative due to the added difficult of the controls reversing.

Currently we are using a Smash TV or Hotline Miami style where the character simply goes where you press. It could change in the future depending on further playtests.

4 years ago

Thanks. Any tips on tutorials? Were you able to grasp the concept of the special weapons and usage of the bomber?

I just had a pretty brutal playtest. Fully half of my players were not able to grasp the concept of a 'twinstick shooter'- must of them couldn't comprehend using their right thumb to aim the ship and had a hell of a time with it.

4 years ago

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