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A simple multiplayer shooter. You have 3 different shooting modes, for different situations. It's very fun with 4 or more players, perfect for a small LAN party.

Level Design UI Graphics

The levels look great and there is potential, but the controls definitely need work. Some parts of the UI overlap on the death screen and there are also some spelling mistakes. The UI doesn't fit very well with the rest of the game. With all that said good game and I'm looking forward to the improved dialogue and story!

3 months ago

1. The controls were only unresponsive when turning around corners. When you are going straight it works well enough.
2. Some of the fonts just didn't fit in with the rest of the game. A cleaner font would make a huge difference.
3. I played on 1920x1080.

Hope this helps!

3 months ago

Will do! Anyway, roast my game if you get a chance.

3 months ago

Thanks for the feedback!

3 months ago

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